Whatsapp Added 3 New Features To Make The Chatting Experience More Enjoyable

Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by srinivas

There are so many popular chatting applications available for Android devices and Whatsapp is, no doubt, one of them. Facebook owned Whatsapp and messenger applications. After that, things are happening rapidly. Recently, Whatsapp has disclosed three new features for iOS and Android users. The users will get these features after updating the application.

Talking about the features, Whatsapp has added three new features- Chat Migration, View Once, and Joinable Calls. Tech experts are of the opinion that these new features will enhance the overall chatting experience. Apart from these, there will be some new interesting features in the new update. However, here, we will be covering the top 3 new features.

Chat Migration

This is probably one of the much-awaited features. Time has gone when people used to use the same smartphone for years. Nowadays, new smartphones are being launched almost every week. People cannot stop themselves to experience the new features and this is why changing phones has become a common thing. However, the chat migration feature was already there. But, there was a limitation; if the users change the OS, they would not be able to transfer the chats to the new device. Well, with this new feature, the users can transfer chat from Android devices to iOS devices and vice-versa. From chat history to files received on Whatsapp- you can transfer everything from one operating system to another. This thing really makes Whatsapp more approachable.

Joinable Calls

It was in July when Whatsapp announced this feature. At present, the entire world is giving preference to WFH or work from the home ecosystem. As a result, the use of applications such as Google Meet and Zoom has increased. These applications allow to conduct group meetings and users can even join meetings during the group call. However, this feature was not there on Whatsapp. If you are an ongoing call and want to let another person in, you would have to cut the call and restart. After this update, you do not need to do this thing as people can join group conversations at any point during the meeting.

View Once

Other popular platforms such as Snapchat had introduced this feature a long time ago. Well, the good news is that Whatsapp is adding this feature with its new update. Now, with this feature, you can allow the recipients to view photos, videos, and texts once. After this, those things will be disappeared permanently. It will not be even stored on your device. Whatsapp is of the opinion that this feature is useful for those who are sending important information temporarily such as passwords, payment information, etc.

All of these above-mentioned features are available for Android and iOS users. So, update your Whatsapp application as early as possible and enjoy these new features.

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