What is Mobile Services Manager? How to Fix It? (June 2022)

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Most smartphone companies are pre-installing some of the bloatware applications that would give them an extra hand when it comes to money. This preinstalled bloatware is free to uninstall, which means you can uninstall them if you want. However, there are some applications that would confuse most of the users if they should uninstall the applications or not. Mobile services manager is one of the applications that would confuse 99% of the smartphone users out there. This article is going to tell you all about what is Mobile Services Manager app is and how you can fix issues with it?.

What Is Mobile Services Manager App? (June 2022)

This app is automatically preinstalled on every Android phone by the manufacturing company. You wouldn’t believe it but the application is one of the reasons that your mobile phone becomes sluggish after one or two years. This application consumes a lot of data for the company’s applications.

The other bloatware and company’s app would automatically get the update with the help of this Mobile Services Manager app. This is the sole reason manufacturers preinstall this application on every android phone out there. All of this updating does under the hood, without any notification so users wouldn’t get any information about these updates. These big smartphone companies use this tactic to slow down old mobile devices, so users would have to buy new ones as the applications would fill up the data with newer updates.

What should you do as a smartphone user to fix out this common yet dangerous tactic?. As a solution, you could just disable the Mobile Services Manager application instead of uninstalling it, keeping in mind that you would need to update applications in the future. As a matter of fact, some smartphone companies wouldn’t let you uninstall that application if you wanted to, so that leaves us with the disabling option. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to achieve this procedure below, follow the steps and you would easily disable Mobile Services Manager App. 

How To Disable Mobile Services Manager App?

  1. Open setting in your smartphone.
  2. Then directly search for My Apps/Application Manager/Apps, which entirely depends upon your smartphone’s OS.
  3. You would find a list of applications after choosing it.
  4. Then look for DT IGNITE or Mobile Service Manager.
  5. Once you find it, tap on it.
  6. After that, the device would give you two options, either you want to uninstall (some smartphones) or disable the mobile service manager application.

If you still don’t find this application listed in the apps section then we have another method for you to try out, mostly the above method would not work in smartphones from Samsung, and LG, etc.

Disabling Mobile Service Manager (New Method)

  1. Unlock your phone if it’s locked and go to your Android smartphone’s Settings.
  2. Then look for the Application manager.
  3. Open that once you find it from the settings.
  4. There would be a three-dot menu on the top-right side of your screen. Tap on it.
  5. It would ask you to check the Show System App option.
  6. Now, you would be able to see all the applications including system apps on the list.
  7. Search for Mobile System Manager or DT IGNITE.
  8. Uninstall or Disable the application as per your choice.

Some Facts To Know About Mobile Services Manager Application

  • The application is not a virus or threat, but in the long run, it would surely slow down your phone. We think that these companies are manipulating consumers by approving these practices. As added earlier in the article, the app would automatically update the system applications without asking permission from users. So, the question is to be asked to you is that should you disable the mobile services manager?
  • The answer to that question would totally be up to you as if you are okay with a slow phone and frequent updates to unnecessary applications. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe to disable or uninstall this application from your smart device.


We hope that this article would guide you to disable/uninstall Mobile Services Manager App from your device permanently. After removing that application, your smartphone would surely become faster than ever, and you would feel that you just had bought a new phone. You can ask questions or any doubts in the comment section below.

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