Now You Can Control Your Android Smartphone With Facial Expressions – New Feature In Android 12

Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by srinivas

There is no doubt that the number of Android users is increasing rapidly in this modern era. The good thing about the Android operating system is that the developers always add something new in the new Android update. Well, there will be no exception in the case of Android 12. Google announced that the users will be able to control the Android smartphone with facial expression in Android 12. It will be a new accessibility feature that will change the entire Android user experience. The XDA Developers have also confirmed this on their tech website.

In the latest Android version, the camera switch will be paired with a new Accessibility Suite App. Unfortunately; they have not yet made it available on Google Play Store. If you want to try this feature, you will have to go with the sideloading process. In that case, you might not get a satisfactory experience.

The Camera Switch feature comes under the hood of the Android Accessibility Suite. It will basically read your gestures and on the basis of this, it will function. Initially, it will support a limited number of gestures. For example, if the user opens his or her mouth, it will detect it and then, you can map it for the opening notification panel of the device. Apart from this, if you raise your eyebrows, the app will detect it and you can use this gesture to return to the home screen.

Possible Gestures That Can Be Detected

Well, this new app can detect certain face gestures such as looking left and right, up and down, opening a mouth and smiling. Talking about the actions that this new feature can perform, well, you can select an application, scroll forward and backward and open the notification panel. Users can also set the level of sensitivity, gesture duration, and size. It will definitely elevate the user experience to a new level.

Developers are of the opinion that the users will have to turn on the camera to use this feature. There will be an indication signal in the status bar that will let the users know that the camera is active. Although it is a remarkable addition, it has a negative side. If the users turn this feature on, it will drain the battery drastically. In other words, the users will get poor battery backup after enabling this feature. Moreover, in public, this feature might not be very useful. Currently, this feature is in beta mode and the developers are of the opinion that this feature is highly useful for people with disabilities.

Apart from this, the users will get some other features in Android 12 such as wallpaper-based themes, better notification shade, and many more. If you have got an Android 12 update on your Android smartphone, do not just wait. Update your device right now.

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