iTunes Dark Mode: How to Enable And Use It (June 2022)

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With more and more people using computers and other mobile devices for a long time has undoubtedly affected the eyes.  The prolonged use of the devices has taken a heavy toll on the health of the users. Many have reported a case of eye strain or other headache-related issues.

However, advancement in technology has come up with a unique solution. That is termed as the ‘Dark Mode’ or ‘High Sierra Mode.’  This is mainly for users who use their electronic devices during the late evenings and into the night.  This is very useful, especially for iTunes users. iTunes is a popular media player and is the best jukebox software that enables the listener to listen to unlimited music stock. Usually, the listening pleasure is enhanced in the late evenings and well into the night.

What Is iTunes Dark Mode? (June 2022)

The display of electronic gadgets is very bright, and during the night times, it can cause damage to the eyes and brain.  This is true with the iTunes display as well. However, the Mac OS Mojave version has an iTunes Dark mode which can be activated quickly.  As the name suggests, the bright interface will become dark.  Apps like iTunes, AppStore, News are included in the macOS Mojave Apps. The color contrast is reduced, and so the display will have less light emission. The battery life and the durability of the gadgets are also improved.

How to Enable and Use iTunes Dark Mode on Mac

Usually, the first thing when the Mac OS Mojave is set up, there will help a prompt asking to establish the Dark Mode.  The latest version has the Dark mode feature as a default. Many, however, fail to notice this small but essential detail and skip it.  If you have done so, then there is nothing to despair.  You can still activate the dark mode by undertaking the following steps:

  • Click on the Apple logo design which is at the top left edge of the screen.
  • Go to System preferences and then to ‘General.’
  • Select the Appearance and then ‘Dark mode.’ Many alternative previews of the dark levels will be provided. Select the preferred type.

Using iTunes Dark Mode

  • Select the launch iTunes on Mac and begin to experience the Dark mode feature on the Mac.

Dynamic Desktop

There is another option known as the Dynamic Desktop. To select it

  • Go to the option ‘System Preferences’ and select the option ‘Desktop & Screen Saver.’
  • Select the Dynamic desktop option.

The latest Mac with Mac OS Catalina has the Dark Mode-Auto feature.  Herein, the dark mode can be activated only during the night.  For this option, the user must go to the settings menu, select the system preferences and then select the desktop screen saver option. Here in the option will be given ‘Dynamic system setting.’  This will toggle the setting between the day and night based on the clock of the device.

How to Enable And Use iTunes Dark Mode On Windows Pc

Even Windows gives the option of using the iTunes Dark Mode feature. To enable and use, follow these simple guidelines.

  1. From the Start button, go to Settings options
  2. Select the option ‘personalization’. Here another screen will open wherein the colors option will be shown on the left-hand side.  Select the color choice.


  1. Scroll down and select the tab ‘Dark mode‘ option. Usually, it is found under the default app mode.

Dark mode on Windows

  1. That is all. Like the MacBook, the Windows PC is now ready to launch the iTunes dark mode.


Sometimes the device may switch to normal mode despite selecting iTunes dark mode.  This could be due to some issues with the software.  In such cases, to fix this problem, there is software such as Tunes care, iMyFone, Tunesfix, etc. Using such third-party software, you can fix these issues. This type of software not only solves problems related to dark mode but can also rectify other issues. For instance, iTunes junk files, redundant files, and old backups can be erased, and valuable storage space can be recovered.  There is no risk of using this type of software.


Some dispute the benefits of the Dark mode.  In fact, the yargue that the cons are more than the pros.  For example, in the dark mode, due to insufficient light, the image is not clear. This may lead to pupil dilation and, in turn, cause blurred vision.  Whatever the arguments are, the dark mode feature in iTunes has its own merits and demerits.  It is expected that the reader uses his discretion while deciding.

VJs, DJs, Music Producers who use iTunes late into the night will surely appreciate the dark mode feature as it enables them to play and enjoy music late into the night.  So, for them, a normal white blinding screen turning into a calming dark tone will surely be appreciated.

The best part is that the Dark mode feature functions on Mac and Windows 10 operating systems.  So,go ahead and enjoy the new look by enabling and using the iTunes Dark Mode feature in Mac and Windows10

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