How to Protect Your Privacy Online

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We are living in the era of the internet where data breaches have become a major concern. Digital marketers are trying to track your online steps and apart from these, shady people are exploring your photos that you are sharing on social media platforms. If we start talking about digital annoyances, it will never end. However, you will not have to be hopeless. It is a fact that the internet has become an inextricable part and living without the internet is very difficult in this modern era. Although there are digital annoyances, you can have full control over your data. Most people do not know how to control and this is where they are making mistakes. Anyway, here will make a brief breakdown of how you can protect your privacy online.

What Is Online Privacy?

Standing in this 21st era, it is very important to understand the real definition of online privacy. Online privacy refers to the privacy protection that a person uses while using the internet. The wide range of online security systems that you are using to protect your communications, financial data, and personal information comes under the umbrella of online privacy.

Best Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

People are nowadays using different ways to protect themselves from online scams, phishing, and other online annoyances. But, are they really effective? Well, we will let you know the best ways through which you can protect your privacy online. So, do not miss to check out the below-mentioned points:

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Never Use Public Storages To Store Your Private Information

There is no limitation when it comes to sharing files on social networking platforms. However, it does not mean that you start sharing private information with your friends using social networking platforms. Most people use Google Docs to store important documents. But, if you use it to store your passwords, you are making a big mistake. On the other side, Dropbox is not an ideal place where you store all your important information. Well, if you can store them in an encrypted format, it will be better for you. Otherwise, you should use password manager applications for storing vital private information.

Check Social Networking Privacy Settings

Social networking platforms are not a new thing. People have been using these platforms for years. Even, after the arrival of this coronavirus pandemic situation, the number of online users has been remarkably increased. Anyway, if you are using social networking platforms, you need to check the privacy settings. Your social accounts consist of a lot of personal information and you need to check how much information is visible to everyone. Earlier, we have already mentioned that you can have full control over your personal data. Therefore, the entire thing depends upon you. It is you who will decide how much information will be visible to strangers.

Evade Online Tracking

Well, when you are visiting any site, the browser discloses most of your personal information such as your personal preferences, browsing history, and many more. Well, digital marketers use this information and they create a profile. After that, they target you with online ads. Well, most people use incognito mode to prevent this online tracking. The fact is that using incognito mode will not give you 100% protection. You need to use premium internet security to evade online tracking completely.

Use Messaging Applications That Use End-To-End Encryption Technology

The use of online messaging applications has been remarkably increased. Well, if you are using online messaging applications, you need to check whether that application is using end-to-end encryption technology or not. In such a case, your message will be encrypted after sending and only the person to whom you sent the message will be able to read your message. The messaging application provider will not be able to decrypt your message and thus, your personal information will be protected. There are many applications that do not use this technology and they decrypt your messages and store them on their servers. Whatsapp uses end-to-end encryption technology. But, other popular messaging applications such as Google Allo, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger do not have this option by default. You will have to use the ‘secret chat’ option manually.

Always Keep Your Personal Phone Number And Email Address Private

it is very important that you keep your personal phone number and email address private. If you do not do this, you will have to deal with a lot of spam messages. Moreover, if you put your personal number on every website, you will get endless robocalls. In the end, your personal life will be affected badly. Well, most online stores and internet services ask for your personal information such as email address and phone number. You need to avoid these. If there is no ‘skip’ option, you need to start using a disposable email address. Moreover, you can have a secondary phone number. You can share your disposable email address and secondary phone number on the online platforms.

Never Use Weak Passwords

Weak Passwords

Most people use weak passwords because they are easy to remember. Well, do not do this thing as it is highly risky. You need to use a complicated combination for your passwords. Yes, we can understand that you are using too many accounts and for each account, you need to set a password. It is difficult to remember all those things. Therefore, we will suggest you to use the password manager application to store your passwords. Many anti-virus software companies also offer free password manager app with their anti-virus software. So, do not miss to check these things.

Use VPN Networks

When you are using the internet, you will never want to expose your IP address. Because, an IP address can reveal most of your personal information such as browsing activities, online activities, and many more. Therefore, you should start using trusted VPN networks to mask the real IP address.


As of now, you have understood how you can protect your privacy online. So, why are you still waiting? Start using these efficient methods and protect your privacy while using the internet.

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