SOLVED: How to Fix Android Resource Linking Failed Error (June 2022)

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Android apps have taken away the market by storm, and the main reason behind all of this is the popularity of mobile applications. As the application development is growing at full speed. There might be some errors in the development process that causes a lot of trouble to android developers all over the world. Android Resource Linking Failed is one of the troublesome errors that has been faced by android developers once in a while during the development stage of any application. This Android Resource Linking Failed error is only faced while working in the Android Studio. This article will help solve the issue, as well as it is going to teach you how this problem arises in the first place. The ideology will help you in the future to eliminate these types of tasks if you ever come across them.

Reason Behind The Android Resource Linking Failed Error (June 2022)

There could be any reason that your system encounters to a Android Resource Linking Failed issue but in most cases the issue arises while the Android Studio Gradle ran through some problems in one or more than one XML files under your installation of the application. That can happen mainly because of two reasons either syntax issue or typing mistake.

Generally, the XML files are happen to be in the res folder, but if those files are not in that folder then you also have to solve that problem in the first place. Here is the path where you can easily find all the XML files of the systems: /src/main/AndroidManifest.xml.

The Solution Of Android Resource Linking Failed Issue

Now, that you are aware of the problem, it’s time to list out various solutions of Android Resource Linking Failed problem. These solutions can work differently based on what type of android system are you using currently. Mostly the Android Studio would point out what is the problem with the build if you are using the newer version of it. However, the task of debugging becomes hard and tedious if you are still using the old version of Android Studio. Don’t worry we have found some easy solutions that would remove your Android Resource Linking Failed Error from the system.

Reverting The Recent Changes

The first thing you want to consider doing is just reverting the changes that you have made recently in your code. Most of the times that can remove your error, because reverting is just way easier than going through lines of code in the first place. If the error has anything do with your recent changes then you don’t have to go through XML files in next step. Now, most of you would know how to undo changes but if you don’t then press Ctrl + Z and revert a single change then build your application if the error remains then follow this pattern once your error go permanently.

Checking XML Files

The other thing that you can perform to get the rid of the errors is checking XML files. This can only happen when you have a small number of files, however this can get very troublesome when any user have a large amount of files. That’s where this solution is not going to apply, although we do have another solution for that.

Running A Stacktrace

This solution works when you are working with the big project and then it is a problematic task to check all the XML files. So, one of the best thing to do is running a stacktrace in the terminal of Anroid Studio. That will surely show you what is causing this Android Resource Linking Failed error in your project. If you don’t know how to run a stacktrace then simply copy the below command and paste in the terminal of Android Studio.

gradlew build –stacktrace

Changing This Code

Once you have try all the above solutions then you can carry forward with this one. To fix the error:

  1. you have to open platforms/android/app/build.gradle and platforms/android/build.gradle.
  2. Find ‘’ this code and change it with
  3.’ this code.
  4. Save the file and run the application.


We hope that your Android Resource Linking Failed issue in the application solves with these solutions, if you find any new solution to this recurring problem then tell us in the comment section. We are happy to add those ones to the list also.

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