Google Chrome 94 Released For All Popular Platforms (June 2022)

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Chrome 94 Released for Android, macOS, Windows, Linux

Living in this internet era, people are extensively using an internet browser. Talking about Chrome, it is a free web browser designed by Google. According to a recent report published in 2020, Google Chrome has more than 60% share of the web browser market. As of now, it is the most popular browser and the best part of this application is that it supports cross-platform. In other words, you can run it on any popular operating system such as Windows, Android, and Mac OS. Well, Google has recently announced that the stable update Chrome 94 is now available for all the popular operating systems. It includes mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android. The company has confirmed that this new stable update is paired with exciting new features.

In this new stable update, the developers fully focused on privacy. They boosted privacy and along with this, they introduced a few new features regarding security. Google has fixed the claims and bugs and if we talk about the security, Google has taken care of almost 19 security concerns.

The stable version is available for all users and therefore, it is very important that the users go and download the new version. Talking about the most useful feature, the new stable version has HTTPS-First mode. This new feature will warn the users when they visit an HTTP-based page. The users will get a full-page warning alert whenever they will open an HTTP-based website.

The new Chrome 94 allows the users to host the desktop versions of websites on their Android devices. Talking about the desktop version, Google is claiming that they have fixed the previous bugs. The sharing hub has been changed. Now, there is a completely new sharing hub that allows the users to copy the link and they can share web pages through QR code. In order to enable this feature, the users will have to sign in using their Gmail account. On the other side, Chrome 94 on iOS will now support the .mobileconfig file.

The new Chrome 94 has enhanced the browser-based gaming experience. Yes, they have brought the new web standard. The new WebCodecs will make cloud gaming faster and easier. Chrome 94 is also paired with advanced WebGPU that will smoothly run games in the Chrome browser. However, in this case, the computer’s power will be used.

Talking about WebCodecs, it is an API that allows the developers to access the video decoding and encoding codecs that are paired with the Chrome browser. With the help of this API, it will become very easy to present the incoming video streams onto the computer screen.

Anyway, the new Chrome 94 will definitely enhance your browsing experience. So, do not just wait; install this stable version today.

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