How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Wifi Without Adapter

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by srinivas

When you connect your Samsung TV to the Wifi, you can enjoy the best Smart TV experience. There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy like playing the app games, streaming your favorite TV shows, watch movies from Netflix, YouTube, etc. Internet connection plays a vital role in connecting to Samsung Smart TV for streaming the channels. There are various streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, etc. Previously, an adapter was needed to connect to the TV, but now a wireless Internet connection is all that is needed. A good router and a TV converter are required if one has to enjoy a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, you will have trouble with frequent disconnection as you watch TV shows, Movies, or stream your favorite channels. In this article, we will learn how to connect Samsung Smart TV to wifi without the use of an adapter.

How can I connect my Samsung Smart TV to WiFi without LAN adapter?

Method 1. In the first method, the user will need a Router and Internet connection. This is a very simple method for connecting Samsung TV to wifi without using an adapter.

  • The internet router should be turned on and it must be apt to pair with the device.
  • The Samsung TV must be turned on and the remote control of the TV must be held close to the TV. Samsung TV comes with different models, if you have difficulty in choosing the right option; you can download the model’s manual.
  • Next, you need to press the Menu, Home, or the SmartHub button by using the remote and select General. Then choose Network, and then select Open Network Settings or Network Setup and then on Next for highlighting the other Menu options.
  • Press Wireless from the new menu, a list of WiFi networks will be displayed. If the network that you are looking for is not available, reboot the wifi access point and then select your wifi network and select Next to open another menu.
  • On a fresh new page, you must type the password, this is your router password.
  • From your TV remote, with the help of the number keys, type the password details and then click on next.
  • The TV will automatically get connected to the wireless internet. When a successful message appears click on ok.

Method 2. This method is very simple and you can enjoy the results. If there is any problem and in case it doesn’t work, there is another option that you can try. Even though this method seems to be technical, it is simple if you follow the given instructions. First of all, ensure that the router must have a WPS button. All routers will not have this option, in certain routers, the button will appear as PS or Push Button. Here is the alternative method:

  • The first step is to turn on the TV and hold the Remote closer to your Samsung TV.
  • From your remote, press the Menu button. Select Network, and then choose the Network settings, and then on Next to display the various Menu options.
  • Press WPS from the new menu and then choose next to begin with the next menu page.
  • To get the automatic connection, press and hold the WPS button for few seconds on the router.


While you connect your TV to the WiFi, there might be some problems like an interruption or getting hanged up while watching TV shows or online movies. With a good router, you will be able to enjoy a decent internet speed. Make sure you use a high-quality router if you do not want to have any interruption in the speed of the Internet.  To troubleshoot any Wifi issues, turn off and restart your Smart TV. Ensure the wifi network is working properly, and check the settings of your wifi router. The wireless access point can be moved close to the TV, the user could even try a wired network connection and finally ensure that the firmware on your TV is updated.

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