10 Best Gameboy Advance Games (GBA) of All Time

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In this modern technological age, people are looking for innovative ways to pass their time. Today there are many ways to keep themselves busy.  However,  there should be some variety, be it entertainment or video games. One such great pastime is the Game Boy. It is making its presence felt with some attractive games today also.   For others, it provides a sense of nostalgia, going back to the games which were played during their younger days.

Today if you have a working handheld GBA, then you are in an enviable position.  If you do not have one, there is no need to get disappointed. You can still play the best GBA games 2021 on your PC if you have downloaded an emulator. In fact, the attractive list of the best GBA Games 2021 is sure to catch your attention.

Best GBA Games to Play in 2021

For those hearing about Game Boy Advance (GBA) for the first time, here is a little information about it. The Game Boy Advance was introduced in 2001 and was played in a small brick-like console held in hand. It was a 32-bit video game manufactured by Nintendo.  So, you can play it anywhere and anytime.  Portability was one of its plus points. For those belonging to the modern era, playing games on the big screen provides a unique experience. But playing on the GBA has a charm of its own. It has an impressive library of exciting games and is the best thing if you want to pass some time. To get started, here is a concise list of the best GBA games.

1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Surely, you must have heard about Mario.  It is the most popular game, and it is also one of the best Game Boy Advance Game. People of all ages love it. It can be easily played without any hitches and enjoyed by everyone. There are themed Mario tracks, and the player must beat other races with bombs and red shells. This game is one of the top contenders in the Racing Game genre. The player must play some tricks and ensure that no other runner wins the race.  Another version on the list of Super Mario Games that is the ‘Super Mario Advance 2:  Super Mario World’, has lots of adventure and excitement put in.  The best Game Boy Advance Game of Mario is actually all about running.  Another version is Mario Power Tennis which involves playing the perfect match of tennis. There are some super shots to take, backhands, etc., and it is one fast-paced tennis game.  Then, there is also the Mario Golf Advance Tour which provides a great golfing adventure.  It comes with enticing features and different game modes.

2. Astro Boy

Astro Boy

This game inspired by Manga has a well-developed story.  It has great 2D shooters and beautiful visuals. The game is straightforward to play. Undoubtedly, the Astro Boy, with his fantastic X-ray vision and flying abilities, was every boy’s role model. The game involves getting back the money stolen from the professor.  On the way, there are hordes of enemies to be encountered.  There are about ten levels in the classic game, which is sure to help pass the time in an exciting way.

3. Golden Sun

Golden Sun

The best Game Boy Advance Game is undoubtedly the Golden Sun. The original Final Fantasy Game is the inspiration behind it.   It has Isaac and three other adventurers who are on a quest to save the world of Weyard. There is a fictional world of Lost Age wherein the player must navigate and defeat enemies.  This is undoubtedly the best GBA game that involves Role-playing. This game became so popular that Nintendo had to publish three editions of it. It has a fantastic array of puzzles and an engrossing storyline. This game has been recommended by many top gamers who love to play it on their GBA.

4. Advanced Wars

Advanced Wars

For die-hard fans of the Army, this is the game for them.  The player must take on the role of a Commander who must lead an army of men into combat.  Small colorful maps are added to show the terrain ahead.  It offers a thrill of its own.

5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 2

If you love skateboarding and want to experience the thrill of skateboarding indoors, then this is the game for you. It has a comprehensive number of tricks so that the player can have lots of fun.   There are some insane stunts and tricks to pull off in this exciting game.  The player has the option to choose the favorite skating professionals and then start performing some wild stunts. This undoubtedly is one of the best exhilarating games available on the Game Boy.  However, the absence of console versions of classic soundtracks is a slight drawback.

6. Pokémon Emerald

Pokémon Emerald

This super attractive game is arguably one of the best games available on the GBA.  It has both Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire.  The game involves catching the Pokémon and then training them to become the champion.  There are many new Pokémon in this game, and the post-game missions make it a thrilling adventure.  Some of the Pokémon are not available on the other versions. Still, the overall objective is the same, and the battles are similar.

7. Beyblade: G-Revolution

Beyblade: G-Revolution

Many of the boys fondly remember the spinning tops of the old. In this game, they have named Beyblades which have superpowers.  The different Beyblades must battle it out in the Bey stadium.  The popularity of this game was further compounded because of the Cartoon played on almost all TV channels.  So, this game provides a feeling of nostalgia if you have watched the Cartoon as a little boy.  The game is like the Cartoon in real life.  The Beyblade must be controlled and ripped inside the stadium to make it perform special moves.  The moves are made to damage the opponents Beyblades.

8. FIFA 07


If you have already dismissed the GBA games as full of cartoon games only, then you need to read further.  The Game Boy offers various sports-based games as well.  One of the best GBA games in this category is the FIFA 07.   It features different teams from around the world and different leagues.  However, when compared to the latest FIFA games available today, the GBA graphics might seem a little basic. There are other similar games in this category worth mentioning, such as the FIA World Cup Germany 2006. This game focuses on the World Cup, which took place in 2006.

9. F1 2002

F1 2002

Reading this name is sure to bring a smile to the faces of many racing fans. Yes, the Gameboy Advance has amazing racing games as well.  This game has fast-paced racing action based on the Formula One races. It has drivers, tracks, and races from the 2002 Formula 1 World Championship.  There is an advanced feature as well wherein players can view race information.

10. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

This game surely will attract boys as there are not many Bicycle stunt games available today.  It features some incredible BMX stunts and tricks with different play modes.  Released in 2002, this game allows the player to ride through cities while performing stunts.   The Pros in the games are Mat Hoffman, Joe Kowalski, Rick Thorne, and many others which the player can choose.

Final Words

The above list has some of the best Game Boy Advance games in 2021.  However, not all are covered here as the genre list is very exhaustive.  For example, there is Disney’s Alladin game which has excellent gameplay and graphics.  The Sonic Advance game deserves an honorable mention wherein the adorable blue hedgehog fights Doctor Eggman. There are Puzzle games such as Puyo Pop Fever and ChuChu Rocket.  The Game Boy Advance and the different games are available for sale on various online shopping sites such as Amazon.  If you do not possess a GBA, you can simply download an emulator for your Android Phone and start playing.  However, you need to own the games for them to work on the emulator.   There are some excellent GBA emulators for the PC, such as the mGBA.   They provide additional features and support such as saving the game and so on. Then there is also the Higan GBA Emulator for PC and the VisualBoy Advance.

So, if you feel like revisiting your childhood in these lockdown times, then indeed, playing a game on the GBA will give you the flashback.   It is an excellent means to connect with childhood aspirations and reminiscence of the times past.

So, if you are the proud and satisfied owner of the handheld Game Boy Advance, be assured that you can have the best exciting time of your life.

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