6 Best Android Emulators For Low End PC (June 2022)

Smartphones have long been considered incomplete without their accompanying applications.

Another way, an Android Emulator is software that allows Windows PCs to run Android apps and games. Rather than virtualising the entire operating system, an emulator lets you run individual applications. Programmers initiated it to test versions of their code; it is now used by virtually everyone else. If you’re looking for the best Android emulator for a low end PC, keep reading to learn about some great options.

To use emulators, you’ll need a system with enough RAM and a fast processor. Because of this, a lot of people with older PCs can’t use an Android emulator.

How does it work

With the best emulators for low-end PCs, you can virtualise your whole system, from the hardware to the operating system. With the assistance of the AVD manager, virtual Android devices may be set up and configured by users. It checks the settings and contains information on the device, system image, or Application Binary Interface (ABI).

Google’s Android Emulator is well-known for accurately simulating device specifications in a virtual environment. This software is integrated into the operating system and then used by the user on their PCs, just like any other application.

It may not be easy and time-consuming to use different guest and host CPUs when translating CPU settings. Android emulators are becoming increasingly popular as a solution for those without high-end Android devices or excellent setup. In addition, all mobile apps may be accessed from a PC via these services. Users can multitask while still having a pleasant gaming experience.

The Best Android Emulators for low end PCs

Here are the top 07 best Android emulators for PC and Mac

  • Bluestacks
  • Android Studio Emulator
  • Nox Player Emulator
  • MEmu Emulator
  • Genymotion Emulator
  • Bliss Emulator
  • Andy Emulator

1. Bluestacks Emulator


Gameplay and beautiful visuals have become standard in today’s most popular mobile titles like PUBG Mobile, Lineage II Revolution, or Raid: Shadow Legends. The issue, in our opinion, is that mobile devices do not make excellent gaming platforms. Smartphones may suffice if all you want to do is gather resources or keep your troops safe, but they seldom provide an enjoyable game experience.

The good news is that BlueStacks, an Android emulator, allows you to play your favourite mobile games on your PC in a rich and immersive way. When BlueStacks was first released back in 2018, it was already a great app. It has a slew of tools and features that will make repetitious tasks much easier for you and allow you to set your own rules.


  • It’s impossible to ignore the fact that BlueStacks 5 is an entirely new application. The emulator was created with the sole purpose of making the lives of players as simple as possible, and it accomplishes this goal admirably.
  • All of your installed apps may be found on the home screen. You’ll find all of these apps neatly organised together under a single More Apps button at the bottom of your screen. Even the skin and background may be customised to show your individuality.
  • When you move from a mobile device to BlueStacks, you’ll have unmatched control over your in-game persona. This is made possible via the Game Controls feature, which allows particular keyboard and mouse button actions to be bound.
  • Would you instead use a gamepad? It’s no issue at all. It’s ready to use as soon as you plug it in. When you first start a game, the Game Guidance window will display the default control scheme for that game.

When it comes to emulators, there are many reasons why BlueStacks is so popular. One of those reasons is the extensive set of features it provides users with. When you use BlueStacks to play your favourite mobile game on PC, these tools may make a massive difference in how you feel about the game and how much fun you have played it on your PC.

2. Android Studio

Android Studio

It has a wide range of capabilities and can launch user apps quickly than the actual device.

Users may benefit from its mobile apps’ improved performance and display in a system with more flexibility and a broader perspective. It is compatible with high-definition games that need less system RAM. Google’s association with it enhances this emulator’s dependability.


  • Android Studio popular emulator for low-end PC is an emulator that can do many things and has a friendly user interface.
  • The user may customise the emulator window theme for a more personalised experience.
  • It enables users to run several programs at the same time and to capture screenshots while doing so.
  • This emulator’s performance and functionality are both top-notch thanks to its use of the Java programming language.
  • There is no charge since it’s free software.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Android Studio Emulator?

  • Because Android Studio is a Google-endorsed emulator, you know it’s reliable and packed with valuable features.
  • Beyond using mobile applications on the PC, it gives users far too many more choices like testing apps or enjoying high-definition gaming experiences.

3. Nox Player – Lightweight Android Emulator

Nox Player

Another popular Android emulator for PC is Nox Player. It complies with GDPR and safeguards the privacy of the user’s personal information. It’s perfect for gaming, too, since it’s fast and responsive while still being rock-solid. It also streamlines the process of using it.

Things To Know About Nox Player

Since its debut on the market, Nox Player has gained widespread acclaim among gamers and other computer users. Nox Player is now available in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, with a current user base of more than 150 million, and has a leading position in the Asian market share.

After the success of Nox Player, the company will likely produce an updated version with even more high-end capabilities for its customers.


  • The Nox Player emulator includes a single-click open keyboard mapping that lets you utilise a gamepad, mouse, and keyboard to control the game.
  • To play many games at once, you may have several functions operating simultaneously using this feature.
  • It has a macro recorder and can run the script with only one click of the mouse.
  • Platforms that are supported include Android, Windows, Mac OS, and others.

For the most incredible gaming experience, it’s open-source and supports the latest Android versions.

Rooting is a breeze because it lets you run several instances of Windows on the same machine.

4. MEmu


A widely used Android emulator is MEmu (Mobile Emulator for Windows). One of the quickest Android emulators available for desktop use is this one. It’s well-known for delivering outstanding performance as well as an exceptional user experience to its users.

MEmu lets you level up several characters in the same game or play different games on the same account simultaneously. More than 20 million people use it in more than 200 countries and around 20 other languages and that number keeps growing.


  • MEmu enables users to play Android games for free, and it comes with a slew of graphical enhancements.
  • It’s easy to set up and works with a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad so that you can enjoy mobile games to their full potential.
  • A bespoke Android emulator or application distribution may be developed to suit specific corporate needs.
  • Android and Microsoft Windows are both supported.
  • It is free to use for the open-source version. However, there is a premium edition available for purchase.

For What Purpose Does Memu Emulator Exist?

Sensor data such as an accelerometer may be sent over to Android, allowing players to play high-quality games like Pubg or automobile racing intuitively.

5. Genymotion 


Genymotion is a robust Android emulator that’s also very simple to use. Application developers may use it to test their creations in a safe virtual environment.

It gives customers a wide range of unique features to suit their own needs. Virtual Android devices may be configured to run on a wide range of different operating systems and hardware combinations. GPS, multi-touch, and other sophisticated sensors are built right into the device.


  • To accelerate testing, provide live demonstrations, and track performance across all platforms, Genymotion was created.
  • Using this, your mobile app will run smoothly on any device that supports high-definition pixel compatibility (HDPC).
  • Gyroscope and multi-touch events from an Android smartphone connected to the user’s PC may be sent using this app.
  • Screencasts of the user’s virtual device are recorded using the desktop webcam as the video source.
  • It works with all of the following operating systems: Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux.

What Are The Benefits Of Using the KO Player Emulator?

It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

Even devices with very sluggish internal storage may be emulated.

6. Bliss OS


To keep open-source programs alive, Bliss Emulator is a non-profit organisation dedicated to its upkeep. It primarily focuses on the open-source Android-based OS, which will provide customers with a wide range of customisation, security, and personalisation choices.

In addition, Android apps may be seamlessly integrated on the PC. Bliss ROM is currently the most compatible Bliss version.


  • The primary emphasis of Bliss Android Emulator is the design, which offers a wide range of customisation and theme choices.
  • It’s easy to use and has excellent execution performance.
  • It includes a few battery-saving features to help you get the most out of your battery.
  • The program has been enhanced with many high-security features, and new versions are released regularly.
  • Various operating systems, including Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, are supported.

Why Use Bliss Emulator Instead Of Anything Else?

The advanced menu in Bliss Emulator now includes Vulkan support, which partly supports the sleep state. This implies that the CPU will be active during this time, but activity will decrease to zero beyond that point.

7. Andy Emulator

Andy Emulator

Through Andy Android Emulator, the users may stay up to speed with the newest Android updates without switching between mobile and desktop computing. Ample storage space and the ability play games and run apps are just two of the many benefits of this device.

In addition, users will be able to get phone snapshots and view them on the desktop. This emulator lets you use your phone as a joystick.


  • Andy allows seamless mobile-to-desktop transitions.
  • Android apps on Windows or Mac can start, save, and receive push alerts thanks to the device’s easy integration.
  • Any desktop browser software may be downloaded directly to the Andy OS by users.
  • Mobile apps for leisure and communication are now available on the PC, thanks to this program.
  • Available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Andy Emulator: Why Use It?

To utilise Andy’s emulator, the user does not have to abandon multi-touch or fantastic gameplay features.


Using the Lightest & Fast Android Emulators for PC, you can test your app on a range of Android devices and API versions without owning each actual device. A genuine Android device‚Äôs capability can’t be duplicated on the emulator, although it comes close.

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