Top 12 Apps like LetGo for Buy Sell Used Stuff (June 2022)

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One of the best ways to earn extra money is by selling used products that are no longer needed. Of course, the product should still be usable. Based on the condition, the product price can be placed. Additionally, selling the products that are no longer needed can also help make more space in the house. There are many eCommerce platforms and apps that can be used to buy and sell such used products.

What is LetGo? (June 2022)

LetGo is one of the best eCommerce app where used products can be sold or bought. This app is beneficial, where the sellers can virtually sell their products in their locality. Products such as smartphones, gadgets, household items, clothes, shoes, and even artifacts can be sold on LetGo.

Users can log in to LetGo via their social media accounts. The app uses location, and the user’s current location is detected before introducing it to the potential buyers and sellers in the locality. The products can be listed on LetGo for selling, with pictures and descriptions. Users generally interact directly, and products need not be shipped. Once the price is negotiated between buyer and seller, the product can be sold by arranging a meet-up. It is one of the safest ways to sell and buy used products online.

12 Best Apps Similar To LetGo

At present, both the App Store and Google Play Store have LetGo. However, there are many alternatives to LetGo that people can also use. 12 of the best LetGo alternatives are given below-

1. OfferUp


Offer is one of the leading LetGo alternative apps available in the market. This app has a user base of over 12 million and is entirely safe for buying and selling used stuff. Offerup is great for selling used products, especially household items. The website is very much like LetGo, and it doesn’t offer options for shipping either. Sellers can contact the buyers via private chat and can arrange to meet up to complete the sale.

In Offerup, the product can be described along with its possible price. To identify real users from fake ones, Offerup used the TruYou system. This app runs on both iOS and Android and has an exclusive feedback section. It is recommended that both buyers and sellers check the other person’s review before agreeing to the transaction.

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2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

This can be said to be the best alternative to LetGo as the user base in this platform is extensive. The Facebook marketplace is expanding exponentially, and every single product can be sold or bought here. Even used private vehicles can be sold or bought here without any problem. Both brand new and significantly used products are available here.

Advertisements can be posted on the Facebook marketplace for quick selling of used products. Usually, multiple buyers become interested in an item, and the seller fixes the price. The negotiations can happen within the private chat. The product descriptions are transparent, and the platform is quite reliable. Even many new businesses are using the Facebook marketplace for selling and quickly expanding their business.

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3. Mercari


Another great app to sell and buy used products is Mercari. This app was developed in Japan and has been a great hit in recent times. With global users, this app is used a lot for selling and buying small-scale used products. Even handmade products are sold using Mercari. Sellers usually provide a detailed description of the product and then provide several photos of the product.

The app usually asks many questions about the product. After answering, the product can be listed. Shipping options are available, and the sellers need to specify whether or not they are paying for the shipping. It runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices.

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4. eBay


For most people, eBay is the best alternative to LetGo. The eBay app comes with a classified section, and the items listed on it are easier to find for both selling and buying in a given locality. Here, sellers have the option to provide advertisements about their products, and it is free. A considerable number of people use eBay to sell and buy good-quality items cheaply.

There is also an option of auto-detection of location in eBay. This will customize the selling inventory and provide an easy view to interested buyers. Thus, communication between the potential buyers and sellers can happen very quickly. Small businesses can post listings on eBay as well.

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5. Carousell


Another famous app that is similar to LetGo is Carousell. The user base is enormous. However, Carousell can only be used in a few countries at present. These include Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and some more. For online shopping and buying used products, Carousell provides immense options. Items of all kinds are available in this app.

Additionally, users of Carousell can start their own business by selling products. The cost of the items is generally low as compared to the other platforms. There are even deals available on select items for a limited period.

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6. Gumtree



Gumtree is another of the best LetGo alternatives. It has a high rank in the global eCommerce shopping platforms, and it comes with both free and paid versions. To get the best out of Gumtree, users can try the paid version of the app. The features are unique and are all related to better sell and buy used products. Advertisements can be promoted and can be displayed frequently.

The free version of Gumtree is also very useful. It localizes the listed products and helps sellers and buyers from the same locality to notice each other.

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7. 5miles


The 5miles app is unique and keeps true to its name. It is a great platform to buy and sell used things, and all of these can be done within 5 miles of the user’s or buyer’s location. 5miles uses active location tracking to provide such accurate results. Also, users can use 5miles from the browser directly, even without downloading the app. There is an ‘Online Skills’ section present in 5miles. Here, users can sell their skills as well.

For selling used products, sellers can provide a detailed product description. Once the products are listed, buyers will contact the sellers to negotiate the price. For completing payments, both bank payments and cash options are available. Users can verify their accounts by connecting 5miles to their social media platforms.

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8. Poshmark


Poshmark is a top-rated social marketplace app and is one of the best apps like LetGo. However, Poshmark mainly specializes in buying and selling used clothes and apparel. Women users will find Poshmark very useful, as almost all types of old and new female clothing are found. Accessories and male clothing are also available in a wide variety. Users can even sell kid clothes. Sellers have the option of providing 4 different pictures for each product.

In countries such as the USA, Poshmark is heavily used. The listed products are available with the price, color, size, brand, actual price, and a detailed description. The advertisements are targeted to reach sellers that are likely to be interested in the product. Transaction options include using credit cards or using smart wallets such as PayPal. Shipping labels are also available.

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9. VarageSale


VarageSale is another app that can be used to buy and sell used garage goods. Users are provided with an option to review the entire process before coming to a deal. The buying and selling processes are both optimized.

Users can also provide ratings and provide the average time of response from the said buyer or seller. The other users can be contacted via private messages, and appointments can be made quickly. VarageSale is highly user-friendly and easy to use.

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10. ThredUP


ThredUP is another of the best app like LetGo. The application is family-friendly and has a vast user base. ThredUP has been divided into mainly two parts. They have classified apps and social media. All types of users have to make a ThredUP profile. Before a transaction is finalized, the buyers and sellers can chat directly with each other.

In ThredUP, the products are usually sold locally. As a result, the cost for shipping isn’t needed. Users can also list yard sales if they want.

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11. Tradesy


For buyers looking for fancy fashionable products, Tradesy is a great buying and selling option. Multiple designers list their products here, and buyers can get discounts up to 70 percent. Sellers can create a virtual closet from where they can sell the products.

Fashion products, such as bags and clothes from GUCCI, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, and so on, are sold here. The products are usually minimally used, and the pricing is extremely reasonable. Buyers also have a money return policy if the products aren’t up to the mark.

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12. Craigslist


The final alternative to LetGo in this list is Craigslist. This app is also famous, and a huge section of users buy used products from here. Both the website and the app can be used for buying or selling. The audience is huge, and products of almost all types are available on this platform.

Even exclusive items such as baby products, lands, property, houses, and normal products can be bought and sold here. Online classified advertisements mainly started here at Craigslist. Even job details are available here.

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Final Words

LetGo is one of the best apps for buying and selling used products. However, these 12 alternative apps are also great for doing the same. Due to geographical location, country of residence, and social media restrictions, not all the apps are available to everyone across the globe. Hence, with so many options, it is possible to use these LetGo alternatives to sell and buy used products quickly.

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